June 29
9:00 AM - Noon

Parenting is a humbling experience. The longer we parent the more we realize that there are no simple answers or quick fix solutions. Many of us tend to swing in the parenting pendulum between overly controlling our children (parent-centered home) or allowing our children to control us (kid-centered home). All parents bring with them a mixed bag of these strategies that most likely they inherited from their parents or caregivers.

In this workshop, we want to recognize the difficulty of parenting and the overwhelming nature of trying to find the “right” parenting model.

July 27
9:00 AM - Noon

Join us for a Saturday morning in July as we walk through different aspects of how Missional Communities (MC) function in a healthy way. During this time we will talk about the three rhythms of MC life and discuss how each of those helps us grow deeper as God’s family and push outward on God’s mission.